ABR Core Exam Retake Review (Conditioned Physics)

How Do I Sign Up?

You must email Dr. Sensakovic at Bill@TeleradPhysics.com to sign up. You will be asked to either provide PDF documentation from the ABR that you recently took, but did not pass the ABR Core Exam or give permission for us to contact your residency and confirm your status.
We would like to keep this course focused on those who are retaking the exam.

Where and When

The review will occur online. No need to pay for expensive flights or hotel rooms!

October 24th – 26th, 2019

What is the Cost?

The cost is $500 per individual before October 14th
The cost is $600 per individual after October 15th
Enrollment will cease on October 21st

What is the Program Structure?

Each day you will receive an invitation to an online repository with 5 to 6 hours of pre-recorded lecture videos (15-18 hours total for the course) .

Videos would be a mix of didactic and interactive questions. The questions are multiple choice and are answered through our interactive video system.
A demo can be found here: https://www.teleradphysics.com/our-offerings/radiology-resident-annual-course/samples/sample-lecture/

At the end of each day Dr. Sensakovic will have a 1 hr live video conference with the residents. These are designed to answer any questions that may have come up while viewing the lectures and to further explain any concepts the residents found confusing. The conference time will be in the evening with exact time to be determined by attendees and Dr. Sensakovic at a later date after registration closes.

The course will also include access to an online repository of 226 abr-style questions that the resident can access on-demand.

How Long Will I Have Access to the Videos and Questions?

Residents will have on-demand access to all videos and the question bank starting on the October 24th and retain access until after the November 2019 Core Exam date so videos and questions can be used for self-study after the 26th.

Who is Teaching the Review?

The review will be taught by Dr. William F. Sensakovic, PhD
Click here for more information about Dr. Sensakovic