ACGME Interventional

According to current ACGME Program Requirements for Interventional Radiology:

IV.A.3.e).(4) training in the clinical application of medical physics, distributed
throughout the 60 months of the educational program; and, (Core)
Our Program is designed to completely review clinical medical principles before the ABR Core exam (i.e., < 36 months total) and is available for all 60 months of residency.

IV.A.3.e).(4).(a) A medical physicist must oversee the development of the
physics curriculum. (Core )
This program was designed and is run by medical physicists. See our bios here.

IV.A.3.e).(4).(b) The curriculum should include real-time expert discussions
and interactive educational experiences. (Detail)
Our lectures are webcast live and Dr. Sensakovic delivers each lecture and discusses our ABR-style questions as well as any student questions or concerns.

IV.A.3.e).(5) a minimum of 80 hours of classroom and laboratory training in basic radionuclide handling techniques applicable to the medical use of unsealed byproduct material for imaging and localization studies (10 CFR 35.290) and oral administration of sodium iodide I-131 for procedures requiring a written directive (10 CFR 35.392, 10 CFR 35.394). (Core)
These didactic hours include training both by the program’s Nuclear Medicine physician faculty as well as in physics. Please contact us for an estimate of hours of didactic content relevant to this requirement. If a residency requires more hours than what is typically provided by our program please let us know so we can discuss options we may be able to provide.

IV.A.3.e).(5).(a) Integral to the practice of nuclear radiology, these didactics must include, at a minimum, the following subjects: IV.A.3.e).(5).(a).(i) radiation physics and instrumentation; (Core) IV.A.3.e).(5).(a).(ii) radiation protection; (Core) IV.A.3.e).(5).(a).(iii) mathematics pertaining to use and measurement of radioactivity; (Core) IV.A.3.e).(5).(a).(iv) chemistry of by-product material for medical use; and, (Core) IV.A.3.e).(5).(a).(v) radiation biology. (Core)
Our lectures address all of these topics and more.