Program Structure

Lecture Sets

Three lecture sets are given each year:

1. Foundations (Recommended for PGY-2 residents)
2. X-Ray Modalities (Recommended for PGY-3 residents)
3. Advanced Modalities (Recommended for PGY-4 residents

Each lecture set consist of 12 lectures with one lecture delivered each week.


Each lecture is one hour and is delivered live online live by Dr. Sensakovic.

Sample Lecture

Starting in July each lecture is given twice: Wednesdays at Noon Eastern Time and Fridays at 8am Eastern Time. Residents may attend either lecture time (or both if they like).

Approximately 50% of each lecture is dedicated to 15 ABR-style questions that are interspersed within the didactic lecture. Questions are interactively answered by all students using an audience response system on their personal tablets or smartphones.

Dr. Sensakovic is available before and after the lecture to answer resident questions. Further, questions e-mailed to Dr. Sensakovic ( will be answered on the course website ( for review by all residents.

Residents can access on-demand lecture recordings (including an interactive Q&A component) in case they cannot attend lecture or wish to review the lecture again.

Comprehensive Exams and Course Feedback

At the end of each lecture set an online test consisting of 60 ABR-style questions is offered. Residency Directors are provided with documentation and evaluation of each resident’s performance, which enables remedial action (if necessary).

Sample Comprehensive Exam Questions

Sample Course Feedback

Course Material

Our Radiological Physics Program uses Dr. Huda’s Review of Radiological Physics (4th edition 2016), available at a discount to participants directly from the publisher here. Residents are encouraged to read the text before each lecture so they are prepared to focus on learning key points and applying knowledge to answer questions.

Residents will also receive a packet rating each AAPM/RSNA Physics Module. The packet evaluates each module based on its quality and relevance to the ABR Core examination. This is provided to guide the resident with limited study time towards high yield content.

4-Day ABR Core Review

A 4-day online live comprehensive review will be taught by Dr. Sensakovic (recommended for PGY4). This review is the successor to Dr. Huda’s popular live review course which ended in 2019. This course will be available twice: Once in April and again in May. Click Here for more details.

Annual Schedule